Welcome to PolliMatrix' World Workshop!

Page last modified on 10.08.2014 01:57 Uhr

Nice of you to stop by my little world building corner! Unfortunately I don't have a planet construction hall available, so I will be presenting fictional worlds for the most part.

Primarily I'm presenting my main project Sapphiria? an originally console and computer game inspired fantasy world with lots of "new-fangled" technology thats roughly comparable to that of the 20th century.
One could briefly describe this world as a mixture of classical fantasy and adventure genres, technology of the 1960's to 1980's, a few (retro-)futuristic elements (from Tesla- to rocket- to classical cyberpunk) as well as a helping of colorful nonsense.
A side project of this is the Sapphiria Space Program.

I also have some information on two other worlds, which is currently only available on the German part of my website: The world of the fictional browser game Galaxy Rul0rz and my world building example of youthful folly Mausanien. Additionally there is the "Toolbox" where I plan to publish some technical information that may be useful for world building.